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95 % of fuel injector do not fail so why replace

We can restore them as new as condition

Our Services

Diagnostic testing and cleaning for each and every types of fuel injector fitted on EFI engines
Using the state - of- art equipments approved by by BOSCH GmbH and DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE

How Fuel injector works

Fuel injectors are normally fed power continuously when the ignition key is on. The computer controls the negative or ground side of the circuit.

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Why Injector needs cleaning

Dirty and clogged injectors can cause classic engine problems, lean misfire, rough idle, hesitation, loss of power, and higher emission levels of unburned fuel and carbon monoxide.

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Our Testing & Cleaning Procedure

With our state of the art test and diagnostic equipment we can restore your injectors as if they were new.

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Gasoline Direct Injector (GDI)

Instead of delivering the fuel via an injector in the intake track before the intake valve, GDI or gasoline direct injected engines inject a very fine mist of fuel directly in to the combustion chamber hence the name Direct Injection.

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