Why Injector needs cleaning

Dirty and clogged injectors can cause classic engine problems, lean misfire, rough idle, hesitation, loss of power, and higher emission levels of unburned fuel and carbon monoxide.

It doesn’t take much of a restriction in an injector to lean out the air / fuel mixture. A 10% restriction in the fuel flow of a single fuel injector can be enough to cause a lean misfire. When this occurs, unused oxygen enters the exhaust and makes the O2 sensor read lean (too little gas, too much O2). If the O2 sensor reads lean, then the computer will compensate by increasing the on time of the next injector(s) to fire, resulting in a now overly rich fuel condition. Now dirty hydrocarbon emissions (due to unburned fuel) and carbon monoxide emissions will rise in the cylinders that are now getting too much fuel. This is one cause of carbon and debris deposits on the injectors and the valves !!

The computer can only analyze the combined exhaust gases, and it averages out the air / fuel ratios. One or more clogged fuel injectors will cause some cylinders to run leaner, and the computer will then compensate and then cause other cylinders to run richer. This results in drivability and emissions issues.

Most customers experience a 10 to 15% improvement in gas mileage after getting their injectors cleaned and flow tested! Why pay for new fuel injectors when we can service them to “like new” for a fraction of the cost of new injectors?

Getting your injectors cleaned and flow tested saves you money and just makes good sense!


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